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Hoodia plants have been used for years by the native inhabitants of South Africa for general health and appetite regulation. In the Kalahari Desert region, the San Bushmen have used it for many years to control hunger and appetite when they were out hunting without food. This ethnobotanical use of Hoodia is consistent with the development of a safe dietary supplement for appetite control that can be obtained from the dried whole plant of Hoodia gordonii.

Some patent-pending supplements including Hoodia have formulations containing other putative weight-loss or metabolic-enhancing agents (e.g., green tea polyphenols and green coffee bean extracts). Unfortunately, some dietary supplements contain material labeled as Hoodia which may not have an origin in South Africa . Such material is likely to be devoid of any biological activity. There has been widespread use of Hoodia gordonii in millions of unit doses of supplements in the U.S. without any reported adverse effects. Only Hoodia with an authentic South African origin should be used, in an unadulterated manner, in dietary supplements.

While the dietary supplement Hoodia has gained worldwide popularity as an effective, simple and natural nutritional support for weight control, a number of consumers have expressed confusion about the correct selection of a Hoodia product. The Hoodia market is flooded with copies of the best-selling formula found in Hoodia Supreme ฎ ( and

There is no doubt that a less desirable element in the dietary supplement industry has used cactus-like material that does not originate in South Africa and does not contain active substances that are known to suppress appetite. Natures Benefit Inc. has extensively researched the characteristics and origin of the highest quality of Hoodia gordonii grown or tended to in South Africa with the assistances of the native San Bushmen.
The reproducible imprint of Hoodia Supreme ฎ as tested by infrared spectroscopy, a machine that measures the structure of natural substances by identifying special patterns of light.

Steroidal glycosides have been patented by the pharmaceutical industry, but it is clear that these active molecules are present in material used in Hoodia Supreme ฎ identified by Holt M D. Labs (Table 1). Not only are the active glycosides present, but the special molecule, P57, is present as well. It is the P57 molecule that has been patented by South African government researchers and the biotechnology industry. No other group has been able to demonstrate consistency of active biological molecules in their source of Hoodia. Further laboratory experiments show that many other brands of Hoodia contain material that may not originate from South Africa . These products contain no significant amounts of steroidal glycosides and therefore cannot be considered active.

One can see the presence of a group of chemical compounds called steroidal glycosides, including the patented P57 molecule owned by Phytopharm PLC and licensed to the pharmaceutical industry for drug development.

This information is clear evidence that dietary supplements containing the correct types of Hoodia supplements contain biologically active material that can be expected to have valuable appetite-suppressing activities. These appetite-suppressing qualities appear to occur in open label experiences without any dangerous stimulant effects or significant side effects. The safety of Hoodia is based on a very long history of use of Hoodia in the food chain of South African citizens, including the San Bushmen.

Why is Hoodia a Revolutionary Approach to Wellness?

• Two thirds of all Americans are overweight to a degree that may damage health.

• Weight control is a function of a well planned diet with calorie control, exercise and behavior modification.

Stimulant drugs or supplements are not safe because they may raise blood pressure and aggravate risks of cardiovascular problems.

• Being overweight is often associated with high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and insulin resistance. This is the metabolic Syndrome X.

• Without behavior modification weight loss can not occur. Hoodia may alter the body function of appetite control.

Getting to Know Hoodia

• Hoodia gordonii (Xhoba) is a succulent (cactus-like) plant found in desert regions of South Africa ( Namibia , Angola and Botswana ).

• For thousands of years, the San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert have used Hoodia gordonii to counter hunger and thirst, when they were deprived of food on long hunting expeditions in the desert.

• Not all members of the Hoodia family of plants are biologically active. Hoodia Supreme ฎ is produced from the species Hoodia gordonii which has been used in the food chain of the indigent desert people of South Africa .

• In the 1930s a Dutch anthropologist discovered the use of Hoodia gordonii by the San Bushmen. The Bushmen used Hoodia as food and sustenance during nomadic hunting expeditions.

• Hoodia gordonii has been reported to provide a sense of alertness and it may also have aphrodisiac qualities.

• Hoodia was reported by the San Bushmen to supress appetite and hunger and this has been confirmed by science.

What is Hoodia gordonii?

• Pure Hoodia gordonii contains variable amounts of fiber, organic material, antioxidants andbiologically active substances calledsterol glycosides. This is Hoodia Supreme ฎ .

Some, but Not all Extracts May Work.

• The pharmaceutical industry is planning to make drugs out of the sterol glycoside components of Hoodia gordonii but this is not consistent with the traditional use of the whole plant.

• Scientific evidence exists in animals and humans that Hoodia gordonii may be an adjunct to weight control when used with calorie restriction and healthy lifestyle.

Hoodia at Work

• Scientific studies exist on components of Hoodia gordonii indicating that it has direct effects on the central nervous system.

• Molecules in Hoodia gordonii may mimic the effects of glucose on nerve cells in the hypothalamus of the brain.

• Hoodia may fool the body into thinking that it is “satisfied” or “full.” This may help curb appetite and calorie intake in the diet may be reduced.

• Hoodia does not contain dangerous stimulant molecules. Hoodia is a potential adjunct to behavior modification for weight control.

• Hoodia can be used with exercise and lifestyle changes for weight control. No serious or harmful side effects of Hoodia gordonii have been reported. Its presence in the African food chain for many years provides a precedent of safety.


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