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The first animal trial of Hoodia involved rats. Rats, a species that will eat literally anything, when given Hoodia stopped eating completely for days at a time.

Yo Yo Dieting; people going from dieting to not dieting and from fad diet to fad diet. It’s not healthy and definitely keeps you from loosing weight, when you stop dieting you gain weight back and when you stop dieting the next time you gain even more wei

But she stressed that in their study they wanted to raise awareness of the risks of sight problems linked to obesity, rather than why these conditions occur more often and cause more damage in obese people.

Maria Grazia Franzosi from the Instituto Mario Negri in Milan, writing in the same issue of the Lancet, noted that a 52-country study comparing four different tests -- BMI, waist-to-hip ratio, waist measure and hip measure -- found that waist-to-hip was the best predictor of heart attack risk.

Obsessed with their Weight; people believe being skinny equals happiness. They will attract the right person, job and friends if they are a thin person. Because of this they will try most any fad diets and dieting supplements that come along.